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Blue Circle Monitors – Infrared Thermometer

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Important Safety Information

1) This device must only be used for the purposes described in this operating
instruction. The device is intended for professional or family use only.
2) The thermometer is not waterproof.Do not immense the device in water or in other
liquids. Follow the instructions in Cleaning and Maintenance if needed.
3) Keep the thermometer away from direct sunlight. Keep the thermometer in clean,
dry environment (5~45 °C, humidity <85%)
4) Do not touch the sensor inside the device.
5) It may affect the accuracy of measurements when one’s forehead is covered by
hair, perspiration, cap or scarf.
6) Do not drop, dissemble, repair or transform the device.
7) Do not use the device near large electromagnetic fields for the accuracy of
measurements maybe affected.
8) Should problem occur with your device , please contact your retailer. Do not
attempt to repair the device by yourself.
9) If batteries or components are swallowed accidently, please comply with local
laws and regulations.
10) Do not open the battery cover when testing in avoidance of electric shock.
11) The device should be used in stable temperature. If there exist sudden change in
environment temperature, please notice if the sensor is covered by moist. Clean the
moist as described in cleaning and maintenance before the next operation in order to
get an accurate result.
12) When the device is out of service for long period, the batteries should be taken
out in prevention of leakage.
13) Do not load the device with used and new batteries. Damage to the device may
occur due to differences in discharge characteristics.


  1. Keep the device away from children.
  2. Do not throw the device or batteries into fire
  3. Use of this thermometer is not intended as a substitute for consultation with
    your physician.

Product Benefits

 Convenient and fast: measurements error up to ±0.2°C ,
measuring time 0.5~2S;
 Width of measurements : 0.0~100°C;
 Various application;
1) Human body temperature measurements;
2) Objects temperature measurements (eg. Rice paste
3) Liquids temperature measurements (eg. Bath water for babies,
 Clean and hygienic: Non-contact measurements, measures
distance 1~3cm , preventing cross-infection;
 Simple and practical: measures at one-press; mode switch at one-
press; memorization query at one-press, simple for operation;
 Measurement Warning: measured temperature > 37.5°C the
device alarm song.
 Multiple memorizations: memorization of up to 32 measurements,
easy for comparison;

 Fix setting : parameters adjustable for suiting different races or
human bodies.

Intended Use

Human body temperature measurements:
Objects temperature measurements (eg. Rice paste temperature);
Liquids temperature measurements (eg. Bath water for babies, milk);


 This thermometer is classified as type-B , inner electric power in
terms of prevention degree of electric shock.
 This thermometer is classified by its safety degree as follows: It
can’t be operated in an environment that contains flammable
anesthetic gas, air, oxygen and Nitrous oxide.
 This thermometer is classified as No-Special-Protection according
to GB4208 regulations.
 This thermometer is classified as Continuous operation equipment
according to operating mode.
 Lists of accessories:
Operating Instructions x 1 ; Certification x 1.

Blue Circle Monitors - Infrared Thermometer