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Blue Circle Monitor – Oximeter

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Specification of Pulse Oximeter

The Pulse Oxygen Saturation( SpO2)
Pulse Rate (BPM)
Pulse Intensity (bur-graph)
SpO2 Para meter Specification
Measuring range 0%~100% (the resolution is 1%)
Accuracy 70%~100%: ±2%, Below 70% unspecified.
Optical Sensor


Red light (wave length is 660nm)

Infrared (wave length is 880nm)

Pulse Para meter Specification
Measuring Range 30bpn ~2.50 bpm (the resolution is I bpin)
Accuracy ±2bpm or ±2% select larger
Pulse Intensity  
Range Continuous bar-graph display, the higher display indicate the stronger pulse
Battery Requirement
1.5 V (AAA size) alkaline batteries x 2 or rechargeable batteries
Battery Useful Life
Two butleries can work continually for 24 hours
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions 57(L) x 31(W) x 32(H) mm
Weight About 50g (with the batteries)
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